Shift-left testing introduces quality assurance activities earlier in the development lifecycle, to avoid the costs and delays associated with traditional test models.

The problem? Shift-Left testing is time consuming to setup.

The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology [(NIST)] found that establishing test environments represents 30%-50% of overall testing effort, and 3 of 4 projects struggle to meet quality and delivery goals

High Maintenance Overhead

Shifting left requires changes to process and investment in new tools and skillsets that can be expensive to maintain. However, on average, nearly half* of a developer’s time is lost to technical debt and maintenance. This represents a significant opportunity cost.

*42%. [Stripe and Harris Poll (Pull, Evans Data Corporation]

Zerocode’s Samurai testing tool makes Shift-Left test automation fast, simple and inexpensive


Quickly establish and scale your automated test activities across development, Quality Assurance and DevOps teams, using multi-objective tooling and shared declarative libraries of test scripts


A JSON / YAML-based common language interface and pre-configured frameworks give speed to product roadmaps through faster test scripting and execution


Use one fully integrated tool across your Development, Quality Assurance and DevOps teams


Easily test Kafka Produce-Consume functions, without in-depth Kafka knowledge

  • Rich DSL for Integration Testing
  • Kafka Security Testing through pre-configured Kafka server and SSL certificates
  • Dockerised support for SSL and SASL environments
  • Kafka Load Testing


Benefits for Test Automation Engineers and Developers

Automation engineers can rapidly establish complete test automation capability leaving more time to identify and develop automated tests across all objectives. Developers spend less time writing tests, using pre-configured frameworks and declarative JSON / YAML statements.

Benefits for IT Managers & Procurement

Samurai’s extensive functionality and simple licensing model reduces costs. For Enterprise Customers, the Total Cost of Ownership is further reduced through flexible billing arrangements and self-service licensing options.

Benefits for Projects & Systems Integrators

Rapid integration timelines and scalability across teams help project delivery specialists to establish an edge over legacy practices. Our [premium support and in-house consultants] help to ensure successful deliveries.


Automation Engineer

Zerocode has taken a different approach to solve the fuss involved in the REST API testing... When using Zerocode, your REST API automation testing becomes more elegant and straight forward. It is more maintainable and easy to use.

Senior Test Developer

Zerocode is such a well thought out and architected framework which makes Kafka micro services testing very easy! This testing through configuration of JSON files is very simple and highly scalable.

Engineering Consultant

Our project had 30+ micro-services producing and consuming messages to Kafka... Zerocode is exceptional for: Application Integration Testing, End to End testing, System Integration testing, Load/Stress testing

API Developer

We were looking for a framework which could be extensible and is easy to use…we found Zerocode was the best fit.…, Zerocode reduced our effort for Development and Testing to 1/4th.

Software Architect Lead

There is no learning curve. Everything is known and set for the development of your load tests.