Simple. Fast. Integrated


Zerocode organisational roots began in 2016.

Managing our own testing challenges—bespoke coding, limited tooling, custom-framework creation and maintenance, CICD build pipelines, etc.— we knew that API testing needed a revolution.
Though the market was making progress and we knew colleagues who were developing case-based solutions, we could not find a tool that provided comprehensive testing functionality, and so we decided to make our own.
And Zerocode was born.

Zerocode was the first to introduce a declarative way of testing RESTful APIs in an intuitive, efficient and simple way. The tool was established as an Open Source project to support our community of testers, and we were overwhelmed by the positive response.

Three years later, and following all the support we found in our open-source community, we are proud to launch Zerocode Samurai: the product that comprehensively cuts through the issues surrounding QA automation, delivering faster, defect-free solutions at a much lower cost.



The idea for Zerocode was born


Zerocode Open Source was Launched


The user base grows to over 10,000


The team launches Zerocode Samurai



Zerocode is dedicated to helping users deliver increasingly defect-free products and service. In practice, that means we want our tools to be simple, fast and integrated.

And we are proud to say that the Samurai testing suite is exactly that.


Since its launch, Zerocode has been helping thousands of developers, quality engineers, testers and their stakeholders to deliver better quality software. We are a diverse, collaborative community, and we have one universally shared goal:
a simple, one-stop testing tool that developers and engineers can quickly learn and businesses can quickly understand.

For this reason, both Zerocode Open Source and Zerocode Samurai are based on a JSON / YAML based declarative framework. This setup avoids the difficulties inherent in the complex coding and advanced languages used by other tools in achieving similar results.
We still rely on our community, both Open Source and Samurai testers, to identify the new features or improvements that keep us at the forefront of the API testing automation revolution.
And we would love to hear your opinion, too.


“Incredible teams need amazing tools,” underlies everything we do. We believe that doing things the right way, the first time, is the best way to work. We are committed to challenging the status quo, removing unnecessary barriers and building products that truly effective teams would use.

Company Values

Zerocode is dedicated to embracing diversity of ideas and culture. Our diversity has been evident since the very beginning, and is an integral part of what makes us different.

We are always looking to find and work with the people who embody our values:


All great organisations need great people and we are no different at Zerocode.

Entry Level Positions

If you are looking for an opportunity and environment to grow new skills and gain in-depth knowledge, alongside industry leading specialists, across technologies and businesses, then Zerocode is the place to start your journey and make a genuine impact.

Experienced Hires

Join our diverse, enthusiastic and forward thinking team, working together to provide the most flexible solutions and services to solve the most challenging testing problems.